A Few Key Services


1. Set aside certain hours for job search activities

2. Spend as much time looking for work as you would at a job

3. Inform family, friends and old bosses that you are searching for work as they might have additional resources for you

4. Build a professional network, both online and in person

5. Expect rejection and NEVER give up

6. Seek out employment resources, it's OK to ask for help

7. Make sure your resume is catered to the job you are applying for

8. Dress appropriately for the interview

9. Always follow up after an interview, show your interest

10. Don't take it personally, what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger!


The purpose of Job Club of Oregon (JCO), is to provide services and classes that will help empower individuals to be more self supporting as they continue on their new path of personal and professional development. Our motivation to open JCO was based not only on economic factors, but individual requests as well. Most individuals know what type of job/career they are looking for but are unsure of where to look and what elements are required to lock in the opportunity.

Although the majority of the population today can benefit from our services, the most typical individual we see come through our doors include:

  • Individuals who have been out of the work force for quite some time
  • Individuals who have recently been laid off and have not had to experience the elements of job hunting for a long period of time
  • Individuals who never had the opportunity to actively utilize their job search skills and tools such as individuals straight out of college or a parent who used to care for the home full time
  • Individuals who are currently in the process of changing career options
  • Individuals who might have basic job search skills but would like the opportunity to fine tune and potentially add some valuable items

We also provide Outplacement Services for companies who are facing a tough layoff decision and want to provide their employees with as many tools as possible moving forward as part of their severance package.

Some of the services we provide include:

All classes and individual sessions are taught by industry professionals and the level of services provided will vary dependent upon the individual or group need.

Job Club of Oregon services brochure (pdf)