Absolute Must Have Tools When Searching For That Next Employment Opportunity

A well outlined plan! Where do you want to look for work, what resources are available to you, what hours are you dedicating specifically to finding a job ......... Planning and preparation is imperative!

Persistence! If you don't get the first job on the first day, the right one is just around the corner. NEVER STOP TRYING!

Networking lists - both online and off line. Many times it isn't what you know, but who you know that could land you that next job. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK

A Telephone! As silly as it may sound, a telephone, and one with an appropriate voice message. An employer can't schedule you for an interview if they can't get a hold of you.

Professional cover letters and resumes that should be taken with you wherever you go. You never know who you may run into.

Professional attire for the industry you are seeking employment in. If your closet does not contain these items, borrow.

Interviewing Skills! If you have a great resume to get you in the door, it isn't going to do anything for you if you don't have the interviewing skills to impress as well.

A support group! Looking for work is never an easy process anytime, but can be more frustrating during tough economic times. Have some family and friends you can rely on when you need someone there to help pick you back up again.

Patience! Again, it is a tough road and its easy even for the toughest of the lot to get discouraged. Take your time to grieve if another job just passed you by, but only a moment of time, then pick yourself up and get back out there!


Our employment seminar is for any individual who would like to establish new job search skills or perhaps simply to add to the existing ones they currently have.

The seminars will be approximately 6 hours long and will be held in a group setting that will be interactive. It is imperative that we not only provide you with the information we believe will help improve your job search skills, but the information you are seeking to do so as well. To help ensure each individual has the opportunity to have their questions answered and interaction between everyone available, seating is limited. If there is not space available at our next seminar, another will be held within a months time frame.

The seminar will consist of the following items:
The Job Search Process/Networking
Cover Letters and Resumes
Interviewing Skills

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To register for a class call the office direct at 503.640.1996.

The Job Search Process
In today's economy, any given job posting could collectively receive hundreds of resumes as opposed to yester years when maybe a handful would be expected. So how do you find that job you are looking for, and where do you go to look? Some of the areas we will be addressing in reference to these questions include:

  • Networking: the importance of knowing how to network or effectively "market" yourself
  • Where to go when searching for a job in a particular industry
  • What to do when your desire is to work for a specific company
  • How to find the jobs no one else knows about
  • Utilizing all the tools at your disposal such as the internet, community resources, employment offices etc.

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Resume Writing/Cover Letters
A resume and cover letter can either make or break you when looking for that next career opportunity. Hiring managers have minimal time to scan hundreds of resumes for one position so how you present yours to impress upon impact is imperative not only in design, but content. During the seminar will will cover the following items:

  • What a cover letter should entail and how to write one to impress your audience
  • How to best utilize the minimal time you have to impress a potential employer with maximum results
  • The different types of resumes and when to use each
  • Objectives, when to use one and what it should entail
  • Catering your resume to specific job openings and specific industries in the most productive possible way
  • How to use key words to set yourself apart from other applicants
  • Absolute Do's and Don't's of cover letters and resume writing

If you have a resume, please bring it with you so we can provide feedback and suggestions in real time.

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Interviewing Skills
So, you have gotten your foot in the door and are all set up for an interview. Now what? Chances are a potential employer will form an opinion of you on first sight before they ask even the first question. During this section we will address all avenues of interviewing and the types of interviews to help get yours started off on the right foot and ending on a positive note. This includes:

  • Preparation for the interview: what to wear, what to bring
  • The importance of body language and proper attire
  • Different types of interviews and how to prepare for each
  • How to answer the most difficult questions and even some of the more typical ones
  • Follow ups: what to do after the interview is complete

It is suggested that you attend the seminar dressed as you would for an actual interview. Mock interviews will take place during this time.

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