They use a professional resume writer as they know this is the mission critical part of their job hunt.

Their resumes are always ready for great opportunities that will arise.

They have a growing collection of recommendation letters as they have a passion for what they do.

They keep in touch with their business and personal references.

They have a well rehearsed elevator pitch for networking.

They send thank you letters afer interviews and get remembered for that professional follow up.

They send follow up letters and make follow up phone calls if the letter gets no response.

They have a professional Linkedin profile wiht connections, endorsements and a picture.

They never use generic resumes but professionally written targeted resumes and compelling cover letters.

They are always sowing new networking seeds so they can harvest them when needed.

They dont use the help wanted ads to find work more than one third of the time.

Individual & Group Outplacement Services

The economic situation we face today has been difficult not only on the corporate and business structure, but down to the employee and individual level as well. Many businesses in today’s economy are finding themselves having to make difficult decisions because of this which often times includes having to layoff valued employees. While this is inevitable during tough times, we at Job Club of Oregon believe that this does not necessitate the downfall of an individual or business at any level and there are steps that can be taken to help minimize the impact on all involved as much as possible.

It is our philosophy that integrating a suite of valuable outplacement services with a layoff is a win win situation for both the employer and displaced worker. It not only helps to provide the employee with options moving forward, thereby providing a more comfortable state of mind, but also results in positive economic and emotional outcomes for not only your company but your community as well. With our full suite of outplacement services we have the ability to meet the needs of every affected individual during these tough times.

Job Club of Oregon's career transition professionals guide corporate and individual clients through the transitional process by providing expertise and guidance in all aspects of the job search process including:

  • A complete career assessment test and follow up evaluation including explanation of the results to better understand the individual's wants, needs, objectives, strengths and weaknesses to help guide them in the right path moving forward.
  • The importance of networking and self marketing and an individualized approach to do so.
  • Resume and cover letter complete with further strategy objectives to update on a regular basis and the knowledge key elements that are essential when maintaining and updating your resume.
  • Development of an individual career plan utilizing the results from the career assessment test and the 1x1 sessions the individual and career transition professional have completed.
  • Creation of individual job search, career path and employment strategy.
  • Interviewing skills including typical questions, how to answer the more difficult questions and what to do and not to do during an interview. A mock interview will also be conducted with suggestions and feedback afterwards.
  • Ongoing communication with career counselor via email or phone after initial plan is established and put into action.
  • Job retention recommendations including skills, composure, adaptation, communication and more.

Let our team of outplacement consulting professionals work with your affected employees today, and they can be assured of a successful and rejuvenating career transition process moving forward into tomorrow.

To schedule a free consultation with one of our team professionals including customized packages and pricing information please email: Dorothe Wilms Jangala or call us at 503.640.1996.