A Little More About Us

Our Philosophy

"We believe that by assisting individuals with

employment resources we provide them

with the opportunity to be self supporting

as they continue on their new path of

personal and professional growth."

About Us

At Job Club of Oregon (JCO), we offer multiple services/classes that are focused on how to help others become more self sufficient and productive when actively seeking employment opportunities. Our motivation to open JCO was based not only on economic factors, but individual requests as well. Most individuals know what type of job/career they are looking for but are unsure of where to look and what elements are required to lock in the opportunity.

All staff members of JCO are highly trained and specialized in the employment, marketing and business fields.

Dorothe Wilms JangalaDorothe Wilms Jangala

Dorothe has over thirty years of experience in the employment field. She is an expert in looking for and finding work. She began her career as an Employment Specialist with Snelling and Snellng in 1979 and has worked every aspect of employment. She has been a head hunter, a technical recruiter, an Employment Specialist with the State of Oregon and has owned Direct Labor since 1997. Her experience covers educating others ont he application process, resumes, interviewing, job retention, networking and more.